I'm starting my 4th year of business as a small business owner in SF!   I love my clientele and am delighted when people circle back to see what's new.  I've been blessed with great resources, incredible inventory and wonderful people who like what they see in Poetica.   The support has been tremendous.  Thank you.

When I first opened my door I wrote the following:  "My hope is that the passerby might stop and look in --- and the inquisitive can’t resist coming in…. and those willing and eager indulge themselves ---- purchasing and adding to their own home environments with unique and meaninful acquisitions."   Well, after a few years I know we have accomplished all of that and more.     

 I would also like to note that I am equally committed to community.    I currently serve several community roles: a board member of the Presidio Heights Neighborhood Association,  President of the Sacramento Street Merchants, Maitri AIDS Hospice Advisor,  N.E.R.T coordinator for Presidio Heights ( I could use some help here neighbors!)  and a member of the Richmond Police Community Advisory Board(CPAB). Whew!  The goal is to create a beautiful and prosperous neighborhood commercial district with style and share preparedness and safety tips to get through this wild and wonderful life.

Please let me know if I can assist you in your design and furniture needs or help you create an emergency kit for your home.   Don't be shy!


Traci Teraoka

Owner Poetica Art and Antiques